How to download and load beats to Beatpad Web

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With Beatpad Web loading beats has become a very simple proccess. We will be downloading .bpf files wich are the files Beatpad works with. This files contain the neccessary data that makes our Beats rock! This .bpf files consist of metadata about the song we are playing and the sounds needed with their corresponding position on the beatpad. We con offer you a free hosting service to publish your work for others to see, but this tutorial is about how to download the already created Beats on the website.


1. You need to navigate to the Beats page on


2. When you are on the Beats page you need to select a Beat you wish to doawnload and load into Beatpad Web. In this example we will download Virtual Riot - Flutter (Feat. Madi)


3. Once you are there you need to click on the download button. This will prompt the download, you then need to save anywhere you choose.


4. Now that you have downloaded the beat locate it open Beatpad Web.


5. Once you open it you need to click on the "open" icon, this will allow you to select the Beat you just downloaded.


6. Once you have selected please wait while Beatpad analyzes the beat and prepares it for you. Once it has been loaded it will be added to your Beats list.

NOTE: The loading time may vary depending on the size of the Beat and the speed of your internet connection.


9. We are done! The beat is now added to our list of Beats and it will be there every time we enter the app. Now we can play with it or modify it.

Once you’ve gone through the steps above, you can start to tweak and customise the beat by opening it up and tweaking the individual sounds with new ones you have. You’ll also be able to change the color of each individual pad.