Old Beatpad website available temporarily

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Beatpad's new website came with everything being reset, from users to posts. That means that you have to start all over again, but don't fear as this will be the last time this will be done and this will be the main website from now on. In order to get any information from the last website you can access to it here: old.beatpad.net. This will be available for a shot period of time so if there is something you need there you have to get it as soon as possible. Once the old website is deleted we are not responsible of any data left there.

There you will be able to login with your regular username and password and everything will be available there. Note, you won't be able to post new discussions and/or comments. If you wish you can post new content on the new website here.

Also, the old Beatpad for PC is now available to download here. As mentioned before the download will be available for ever, even when Beatpad 1.0 comes out.


Regarding the new website, alot of changes will be made within this days so if you find that the website is not working for any reason, don't panic. We are improving the overall experience on the website as well as on Beatpad Web alpha. Remember to access Beatpad Web alpha 1.0 closed testing you need to be either be a Contributor or a Backer.

To get your Backer status you can go here and pay a generous fee, this will help us continue working on this project.

In order to get a Contributor status, you need to either contribute on the Beatpad project or be the winner of one of our events coming soon. Right now we are in the need of translations for Beatpad Web, you can read more details here.


We hope you enjoy the new website!