Beatpad Web Alpha 0.4

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Beatpad Web Alpha Version 0.4 is now available for everyone, this version introduces a tutorial which will help you know what Beatpad has to offer as well as give you more information on what everything does, so that way you can start using Beatpad as fast as possible. The tutorial for now is on English and Spanish but soon will be available on the other languages Beatpad have.

The tutorial starts automatically the first time you load Beatpad Web Alpha. After you dismiss it it will be gone for ever, so make sure to pay attention to very part so that you learn everything of it. It describes how to create your first new beat, how to impor, export and more.

When you first start Beatpad you will see something like this:

Beatpad starting tutorial

It will introduce you over the general functions of Beatpad that will help you familiarize with Beatpad.

Now after you create a new Beat, something like this will appear:

It will guide you through the basics on what a Beat is made of and what you can do with it, such as "export", "delete" and  also fill its information. It also tells you how to start Beatpad.

After you start the main Beatpad, this will pop-up:

This will tell you what every button on the main Beatpad does, pretty simple and clear.

Finally we are introduced to the Beat editor tutorial, which will tell us everything we need to know about the Beat editor:

It will guide you into every aspect of what everything does, so now you will know the basics on how the Beat editor works.

And this concludes on what the tutorial comes with. In the future, when new features come the tutorial will be updated so that you know everything about the new features and such. Remember this tutorial comes at the moment on English and Spanish only, the other languages will be included soon.



  • Adds tutorial overlay to the app.
  • Updates spanish translation.
  • Fixes the order in which some assets are loaded.
  • Removes unnecessary scripts.


  • Fixed memory leak on Firefox.
  • Translations updated.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't start Beatpad when a Beat was selected.
  • Background images positioning fix [WIP].
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added storage limit.
  • Added Swedish and German translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Fixed some minor design bugs.
  • Performance improvements.