Beatpad Web translations

Beatpad web will feature a multi language feature, which require translations to many different languages.

We need translations to the following languages:

Deutsch (German)
Ελληνικά (Greek)
Suomi (Finnish)
Français (French)
Magyar (Hungarian)
Italiano (Italian)
日本語 (Japanese)
Nederlands (Dutch)
Polski (Polish)
Português Brasileiro (Brazilian Portuguese)
Svenska (Swedish)
Türkçe (Turkish)
中文 (Chinese)
Bahasa melayu (Malay)
English (English)
Español (Spanish)

If you wish to contribute on the translations, please send me a private message with the title [Translation] "Language" (without quotes).

If your language is not included in the list, you can still send me a private message with your language as it will be also included. The more languages, the better. Note: English, Malay and Spanish languages are already completed.

I will send you the lines that are required to be translated. As a thank you, I will include your name in the credits of Beatpad as translator of x language. In addition you will be granted Contributor status on Beatpad.

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