How to submit your beats on Beatpad

Beatpad has a very simple process to submit beats on to Beatpad website. It is ment to be user friendly and to get your beats as fast as possible on Beatpad's website. We will require some basic information about your beat in order tu guarantee that everyone knows whats in the beat, such as song title, artist, video to help others see the beat in action, keys to follow to guide users on how to play the beat, bpm which dictates the beats per minute about the beat you are submitting and a cover image for the beat it self.

Beats go through a quick revision process after they are submitted, this in order to check if the beat meets some standards to make sure every beat on Beatpad is playable and enjoyable. The beats at this moment will have a "pending" status. After your beat gets accepted it will appear as "approved" this means that our staff made sure the beat is in good condition to appear on our main page. Here your beat will get more visibility and more users will be able to download it, and if your beat is good enough you can even get it featured which will mean your beat will appear on top of the page above others and guarantee even more exposition. If your beat doesn't get accepted it will have "rejected" status, but this is not the end of the world, here you can make the neccesary adjustments to fix it and give it another go.

To read the complete guide go to this blog post, there is a more in depth guide on how to do it:

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