Guidelines to make a request (and what NOT to ask for)

edited May 2016 in Feature Requests
I'd like to see members making requests adhering to these following general guidelines:

  1. Make a thorough effort to search for related requests (using the search feature). If a similar request already exists, bump or post the thread with amendments to it. Also, check the changelog to see if a request is already in the test release.
  2. Don't request anything that has already been rejected unless you have a really good reason as to why it shouldn't have been rejected.
  3. Use a relevant and descriptive title (not "my request" or "plz add this").
  4. Keep to one request per topic.
  5. Include a reason for adding your request.
  6. Don't request ports. We don't need people to tell us we need ports, we need people to make them. Contact me if you're willing to make a port.
  7. Do NOT request beats here. There is beat request section where you can request them.
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