Read before posting an issue

Before posting any issues or help discussions, please follow this guidelines.

  1. Use the search bar to see if another user has the same issue with a potential fix to it. Posting it multiple times won't help your issue to be addressed.
  2. Make your title as descriptive as possible. Abstain of using something like "plz help" or "please help". Other wise your post will be closed
  3. On your post please include all the details such as but not limited to, your operating system, how you encountered the issue, screenshots and also videos will help you get assistance as fast as possible. If your post doesn't contain at least that, it will be closed.
  4. Don't comment anything if you don't have a fix or something useful to add to the issue being discussed. Your comment will be deleted otherwise.
  5. Once your issue has been fixed it will be closed and no more replies will be allowed.
If you fail to follow this steps, your post/comment will be deleted and you won't get any help.
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