Project File Copying / Stealing

Whats good friends today i want to talk something interesting and a thing that i don't think people pay attention to, "Copying / Stealing Project File"

So for those that don't know i have recently seen a lot of random people play project which are clearly not there's but claim as its there project, and even if we have proof for it they will still not give proper credit to the original creator.
I myself have encountered a lot of this. I have seen random people play my projects which is amazing but they never leave proper credit, which is really annoying. Most of the time i have talked to them and managed to fix the problem but with some people its different.
But there's always that guy who never complies with anything...

Recently there has been a person named Trung Kiên Phạm which a few months ago had another channel with the same name playing my projects and putting up hes own download links via Mediafire (I use Dropbox) and when i asked him to remove the link and give proper credit he responded with: "You uploaded your project to us, so we can now do whatever we want with it." and then minutes later he deleted hes channel...

Guys, never steal anyone's work cause i bet if someones steals you're work you would get even more pissed.

So that's what i wanted to say i hope you guys understand that stealing someones work is always bad and also, if you want to edit someones project file or even use it in your own one just ask them... I don't get it why people don't just ask about it. :/

Anyway i wish you all a good day and take care. :)


  • Good point there. With Beatpad's newest versions stealing projects will be more difficult as everything or most of things will me managed on the cloud, creating, importing and distributing your projects will be done mostly on the cloud on moderated links which will ensure stealing projects will be more difficult. Anyways thanks for your insight.
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