How to properly introduce yourself

So you want to add another introduction thread to the heap, but don't know what to write? Don't worry, here are some tips. 

Post title
  • Instead of using something generic like "Hello!" or "Hi, everyone!", try something a bit more creative, like "French fries are illegal!", but with less food and more introduction.
  • Use proper capitalisation. Those shift keys are there for a reason.

Post content
  • Don't think too hard about it. Write your introduction in the same style you normally use when writing posts. That way, we'll know which users to ignore from the start. 
  • Please, don't use illegible font colors in your posts. Ever.
  • Feel free to include some details about yourself, but don't give us your whole life story; no one cares how old your pets are, or what your favourite soda flavour is.
  • Keep it short. No one on the Internet will actually read anything longer than 500 symbols.
  • If you can't think of anything to write about, telling us how you found the app or what you think about it is a good start.

Other things

Before or shortly after you introduce yourself... 
  • Get an avatar. It's a small picture displayed to the left of your post, and is basically your face on the forums. People remember new users by their avatars, not their nicknames, so make sure you use something unique and eye-catching. 
    The maximun size allowed es 2MB. You can upload an avatar here.
  • Remember to follow the rules. Since you read through and accepted them when you registered, you should know them by heart now, right?

Enjoy your time on the Beatpad forums!
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